Welcome to the breeding of the Canailles de la Bergerie!

Dedicated to my Exotic French Bulldogs


The French bulldog my heart breed.

It was with them that I started in the world of breeding and what an initiation!

They are balls of love, playful, a bit stubborn and real little clowns.

It's a breed that I've been raising since 2009 and that I really like with their very atypical character and their little mastiff body.

I let you discover my little Frenchies!

But how could you resist them?

  • Regularly in dog shows, my breeders have been nominated many times.

    We have several champions in the house! 🏆

  • The first doses of vaccine are delivered in the first month of the young puppy so as not to fall behind and stay on top to deliver you a maximum of taste buds! ❤️

  • Because the family is important, each puppy is accompanied by the Pedigree, to know if dad and mom were as beautiful as the rumors say! 🔎

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